Friday, December 15, 2006

I Had Planned

to have a quiet evening. Husband is working late tonight and the boys were going to go Christmas shopping. I expected to write Christmas cards, get a package ready to mail and just decompress from the week.

What happened was - S1 took the truck to the high school to pick up S2 and when they came back home to pick up something S2 mentioned to me that "green stuff" was coming out from the truck. Sure enough, I could hear the gurgling as the radiator gave up the precious fluid. All pets were confined to the house much to their dismay. AAA was called. The tow truck finally arrived after an hour and we all went off to the garage to unload the truck (yes, I had to follow him in my car and the tow truck guy took S1 with him to give him directions - can you hear family members laughing? - S1 and directions - the two don't mix). Then we went out Christmas shopping up the county strip and made our last stop at the place where husband works. While I was taking care of some things the boys were waving at their dad who was talking to a customer and trying his best not to see them. Kind of cute.

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