Monday, December 11, 2006

"Pick Up the Phone and Call. Don't

wait for your child to call you." was what I wanted to scream (I was already ticked off about something and felt my patience coming to a quick end) to the friend standing next to me in the grocery aisle. She was complaining about never hearing from her daughter who is a freshman at college. "She was supposed to call last night but didn't. We called her and she said that she was doing homework. I don't think she was. I just don't think that she wants to talk to us," said the mother in a whiny voice.

It got me thinking. We call S1 more than he calls us or so I think. I don't know how much he calls his brother. We instant message. Rarely email. He does call to say random things like "It's snowing outside Mom."

Years ago, when each child was in 7th grade, they went on a long weekend fieldtrip for their respective science class. The best advice that was given was Do Not expect your child to call at a certain time. Phones can be tied up. (There was one to the complex.) Or they can be busy doing something that needs to be done.

What excellant advice. I would add another. Pick up the phone and call. If your child is busy they will let you know. Ask when to call them back. Take the initiative. Stop counting who has called more and enjoy the sound of your childs voice.

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