Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hamish Macbeth

It's been a glorious day here today and I've spent most of it boxing up Christmas decorations and trying to reclaim the diningroom. In between those duties and practicing violin I've been watching the dvd of Hamish Macbeth. It's a series from BBC that is very loosely based on the MC Beaton books. Very loosely. Hamish and the name of the village that he resides in are the only things recognizable. And that is fine. The series is a cute little thing about what goes on in the village and the crimes that are solved won't keep you up at night. 2 more episodes left for me to watch on this dvd and then I will be renting the next dvd in the series.


east village idiot said...

I have the same cool doggie!

Anonymous said...

That's right. I remember you talking about it and I think showing magazine cover? My memory might be faulty though.