Thursday, August 23, 2007

The trash man came yesterday

at 6:45. He comes once a week.

I had a great early morning. S2 was VERY happy about the first day of school as you can tell by the photo below. And he came home happy which is not always an occurance - but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I got two loads of laundry done. Sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee to watch the news. Saw BIG hairy spider come from the back of the little kitchen TV. It's almost as big as the palm of my hand. Then I watched him go back to his hiding place. (Catching spiders, especially one that big, is a two person event. One to hold the vacuum cleaner and scream - that would be me - and one to tell me where the spider has run to.)

I decided to take a shower and go into work to get a few things done for next week. Got ready to blow dry my hair (something that I haven't done this summer) and the blow dryer did not work. Hmmm - the wheels in my head started spinning. Didn't S1 complain recently that he could not recharge his razor. I did a mental calculation
of where the bathroom was located and where the circuit was. Went downstairs into the garage, opened the freezer and ... Oh my.... It looks like the power was off for 2-3 weeks, maybe longer. The bags of chicken were so full of gas I was afraid that they might explode while I was putting them in trash bags.

I used 6 trash cans. Not that they are full but weight wise they are.

The smell permeated the house, my clothes, skin, hair. Ick. I have one trash can left and have more ick in the freezer to clean out but as I said - I have one trash can left.

Did I mention that the trash man came yesterday. And that he only comes once a week!


east village idiot said...

Stinko! I've heard many a similar tale. Sorry for the rude awakening.

Jodi Ohl said...

Oh my goodness---first off I would have had a heart attack with the spider event alone..LOL. I agree, catching and removing is definitely a two, if not three, person event!!

That "stinks" about the power outage and loss of food--that had to have been nasty as all get out, the garbage man probably was wondering what exactly was being disposed of!! LOL