Monday, September 10, 2007


The pets are in a heightened state of alert. Yesterday Sport started to pant while having terrific back spasms. It concerned all of us - 2 legged and 4 legged creatures alike. The spasms ended as did the panting and normal activity resumed.

Today the spasms and panting came back. Luckily I had made an appointment with the vet for the afternoon. We have ruled out fever, lung disease, and heart disease. Heart disease took awhile longer to rule out as Sport kept purring while the doctor was doing his best to hear the heart beat. The harder he tried the more Sport purred :-).

So now we are in observation mode. The poor cat. When we got home another attack hit and Sport decided to lie down in the dining room. Two cats and one dog kept close tabs on him until the attack ended. Sport was not a happy cat. He still isn't as he isn't allowed outside for a week - partially due to the spasms and also due to his needing a rabies shot in a few days. We will revisit the situation next Monday. I'm starting to think pinched nerve. We shall see.


east village idiot said...

That sounds worrisome! I would panic if my dog had a spasm - I wouldn't know what to do. Hope Sport feels better soon.

jodi said...

The spasm does worry me but the panting bothered me more. We had lost a kitten to respiratory issues and the panting is what remember the most of that situation.
This afternoon I found articles on the internet about back spasms that lead me to believe that it could be a pinched nerve but now I have him in a spare room with litter box and food. Want to make sure that it isn't an intestinal blockage as he does get hairballs sometimes.
He is a great cat and he is too young to lose.