Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sweet Sister Holiday Swap

In order to get to know our fellow swappers over at Sweet Goodness Swaps we have been asked to answer 20 questions. Here are the questions and my answers.

1. Favorite Color - right now it is orange and any of the modern colors. I love the brown and teal blue. Olive green also.

2. Kind of chocolate - dark

3. Favorite craft/hobby - Sewing and scrapbooking. Love paper and material.

4. Craft to start - I taught myself to crochet this past summer and am still trying to perfect that.

5. Craft not interested - jewelry making

6. Allergies - housework.

7. Favorite part of Halloween - decorating

8. Decorate for Thanksgiving? - a little

9. December holidays celebrated. Christmas.
Kind of decorations - a large variety. Angels, santas, homemade and store bought

10. Two boys 19 and 17

11. Pets - 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 fish and the bees

12. What kind of books do you read? - a large variety

13. Special events in October, November or December? Birthday November 15

14. Collections - I like angels and buttons

15. Type of things I like to cook? - Sometimes bake but not a lot lately.

16. Favorite scent - Nothing strong. I like candles. Cinnamon. Holiday scents.

17. Favorite Song -

18. Last movie seen in theater - the latest Harry Potter

19. Favorite candy - round pink mints and fruit slices (not real fruit)

20. Tea or coffee or other? - Orange flavored tea and mild coffee decaf or regular


Jodi Ohl said...

Love your banner picture this week! Your an awesome nature photographer.

Hey--we are allergic to the same thing ;)

Thanks for replying to our 20 questions!!

lucy--your "sister" in name ;)

Jane said...

Hello! I posted my questions today too! My grandmother just loved those pink mints. She would call them "pinkies" and she was pretty generous about doling them out to us kids. I haven't thought of them in ages!


east village idiot said...

I like your answers! They are off the beaten path...at least the paths up here.