Sunday, September 30, 2007

You are so lame.

That was the statement from S2 as he saw me with my camera Friday night. But as there are only 2 football games left in his marching band career I did not want to miss a photo op.
Will I miss Friday night football? A little though I'm sure that I will find something to take it's place next year. And there is even a tiny (and I do mean tiny) part of me that will miss the craziness before the games. Making sure that everyone gets their uniforms and hats before the game. That there is an ample supply of black socks available for those who forget though how you can be in band 4 years and forget that you need black socks before a game is beyond me. Carrying water bottles, extra flags and running back for shoes as someone decided that wearing size 8 shoes to march in was better than wearing the size 7 that fit. At the end of October my job as uniform mom will be finished.
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Jodi Ohl said...

I'm sure it will be a little bittersweet as you go to the last game and relinquish that role you've been playing. I still remember like it was yesterday playing in the band during football games. (wow...that "yesterday" was ohhh about 20 some years ago :)


east village idiot said...

You deserve an award! I hope your sons marry women as great as their mom.