Saturday, October 20, 2007

Parent Day


Today was parent day at the university of maroon and orange. S1 and I went out for breakfast, bought books at a book sale, walked the gardens, had lunch out and did some other shopping. A fun day (and yes, he took me out for lunch and breakfast :-).
Books bought by me: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
The Light and the Dark
Blue Shoes and Happiness
Kavalier and Clay
S1 and I bought most of our books from one table where an individual had donated 16 boxes of books from his private collection. S1 picked up books written in German, Ulysses by James Joyce and quite a few other classics for his collection. Quite a good haul for both of us.

The Light and the Dark interests me if only for the reason that the book seller had included several books by the same author C P Snow. I have never heard of this particular author and for $2.00 decided to give it a try.

The colors on the mountains on the trip down 81 were spectacular this morning. I oohed and aahed while trying to watch the truck traffic. I hate that road.

What did you do today?
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east village idiot said...

I worked at Parent's Weekend uptown!!
Spent most of my time in the College President's apartment hosting a tea.
Would rather have been driving down 81.

jodi said...

Driving down 81 does sound like more fun!