Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Updates and Life in General

I may have an issue with my bee hive. It involves burr comb and the fact that I did not take it out of my hive earlier this year like I should have. I rationalize it by saying that at the time I didn't feel like I had enough bees and could not face killing any of the brood that was in the burr comb. How could I kill something so important? So I left it. There is some honey stored for winter and more real comb is being built and honey stored in that. But is it enough? Everything that was stored in the spring was eaten over the summer. By the end of August nothing was left. I have been feeding more with sugar water but the intake has declined sharply. I was feeding 4 pounds of sugar a day at the height of feeding a few weeks ago.

It is incredibly dry here. Most of the plants have withered. Tonight I am going to take the bath water I saved from this morning and dump it against the dirt at the foundation of the house. An article in the Wash Post last week mentioned that it's time to water the foundation to keep cracks from appearing in ones wall in November and December. But will throwing buckets of water near the house help? We can't use hoses outside. I get the feeling it's like trying to put out a fire with a medicine dropper.

Wishbone, our oldest cat, is driving me crazy. I finally found out what/where she has been up to - it involves the laundry basket and that is all that I will say.


east village idiot said...

Wow. You've got some weighty issues. Why do you think the bees are having these problems? Is it connected to the bee crisis going on around the country.

I've never heard that watering your house could help preserve the foundation. But I don't have a house so what do I know!

jodi said...

I'm not sure about the bees and have to do more research on it. They are probably doing fine but I really should take out the burr comb in the spring.

I had never heard of watering a foundation either. The county gave permission for people to use the hose outside on plants so that should make it easier to water the foundation, at least the front of the house where it gets so hot.