Friday, November 02, 2007

What I wish that I could mail -

Dear Elected Official,

Yesterday when I arrived home from work/hair appointment/grocery shopping I found you getting out of your automobile that was parked in front of my house and you were starting to head across the street to my driveway. Though not thrilled to see you, I decided not to drive on by my house as my teenager was getting a well deserved nap at that point and I didn't want you to wake him up with some inane Elect Me speech.

I put on my best face and shook your hand and listened to your speech.

It was good to hear that you are loved by many and have many friends in high places. Popularity is not a reason that I have ever voted for someone. Which is why, on many election nights, I have gone to bed quite disappointed.

What I do find is interesting is this. A couple of weeks ago I answered a telephone poll. Most of the contests were undecided for me at that time but when your contest was mentioned I immediately said that I would NOT vote for you. At the end of the poll it was mentioned that you (and others) had paid for that poll.

Why do I mention the poll? After visiting with me last night you got back into your automobile and drove away. Hmmm. You did not stop at the other houses on the street. You left.

I will not answer any polls in the future.

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