Monday, December 31, 2007

As This Year

comes to an end memories of it are quite emotional for one reason or another.

I got honey bees this year. Picking them up from the bee man was almost undescribable as there seemed like 1000's of bees were flying around his place. Light and airy objects who did not cause one to run in fear but instead stand in awe.

The joy of seeing my youngest sing in the school musical and get the recognition that he deserved from his performance.

The smell of my oldest as I held him for the first time after the shootings at his university.

Watching my brother and grandmother polka at her 90th birthday.

Watching my youngest and his friends sitting around a campfire building relationships that will hopefully last a life time.

The sorrow in my uncle's eyes as I said goodbye to him for the last time before his death. Death did not seem to be scary for him. What he minded the most was that life for the rest of us would go on and he was going to miss weddings, graduations etc.

I am oh so grateful at the end of this year. Life is a blessing.


east village idiot said...

Cheers. I'm so happy I read this post tonight. It's lovely. And the picture fills me with hope. I too remember when you got the bees, kept us up to date about S1 at Virginia Tech, showcased your S2's talents in the Sound of Music. The prom pictures, the pool pictures....scenes of life on two acres. Looks pretty dam good to me.

Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful 2008!

jodi said...

Happy New Year to you and yours also. Thanks for all of your encouragement to keep the blog going.

Joy said...

Welcome to the A ~ Z Challenge! I look forward to seeing the progression of your list. Happy Reading!

Jane said...

Happy New Year!

What a great list. Lots of memories.