Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 2, 2007




After looking at the weather radar and seeing that there may be some snow coming down on the mountains, Maxine and I decided to go in search of it after dropping off S2 at school.
The only snow to be found were a few flakes that were being blown across the road. The road to the national park was closed so we drove the other way and ended up at an empty tourist spot. Max and I braved the cold to investigate the buildings and we can tell you that the cabin where the animals were kept was really no warmer inside than out.
The wind was so loud that it sounded like a freight train. And so cold that it brought back memories of my youth. After awhile Max informed me, that even though she loved me, that dogs with pedigrees would rather be home on days like this, inside trying to eat the cat's food, drinking out of toilets etc. So we have come home for a cup of tea and to thaw out.
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Nan said...

Barns always feel so much colder than the outdoors, except when they are full of animals. :<)

jodi said...

I don't even know if animals could have stayed warm. No chinking (?) between the logs and the wind was bitter that we had to seek shelter in the car.