Saturday, February 09, 2008

February 9, 2008

Though neither one of us slept well last night we kept a date that we had already scheduled for breakfast this morning at our favorite spot. It was nice to be with the man I love and waited on by nice waitresses who call one "honey" and "dear". We sat next to the moose, ate comfort foods (omelet, pancakes and sausage for him - part of a strawberry waffle with whipped cream on top for me) and felt a little better when we left.


east village idiot said...

What a comforting post. I want to go to that cafe too!

jodi said...

It's a great place. Though the service is incredibly fast and the line to get in long I never feel like I'm being pushed out the door. The coffee refills keep coming long after the plates have been cleaned off the table.

jodi said...

PS I noticed last night that your friend Michael had died. Am sorry.