Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day Off




I took yesterday off. S1 needed to be picked up for spring break. (It was snowing when I picked him up -Spring Break - bah!!). From events earlier in the week I felt the need to give myself a bit of a mental health day. All of which translated into a bit of shopping.

First stop was the mennonite food store where I bought their delicious pancake mix (supper last night). Only add some water and the pancakes are easy and delicious. Gummy bears for husband, trail mix for S1, candy for S2. 10% off the final price due to customer appreciation week and Mom, I now have my own pen with their name on it. (It's those little things :-).

From there I went to the mennonite plant nursery. St. Patrick's day is coming and they had shamrocks at a great price. Also got my pea seeds as I am bound and determined to get peas in this year.

The fabric store a few hours down the road was so much better laid out then the one at home. Everything nice and neat. I bought several fabrics for aprons and a blue and brown fabric for pillows for the den. Also stopped at a few thrift stores. The plates were 25 cents a piece and they will be perfect for my pre-k class next year on our housekeeping table.
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east village idiot said...

I wish I was in your class!