Thursday, March 27, 2008

S2 had an unexpected day off from school today. Someone(s) decided to go around our area last night with a weapon discharging it into cars on the interstate. It looks like they may have also shot at homes - which though not into our home did hit at a home of a person that is dear to us.

I could make this an anti gun post. Or a what has happened to our society post. But I'm still in shock.

When I woke up this morning and saw the news I actually shook. Luckily there was time to compose myself before I woke up our son. After last year's shooting at School of Garish Colors I will never be the same.


east village idiot said...

oh my god. I've got to look this up on the web. I had no idea this happened. After last year...I can only imagine how you feel...I'm having the same reaction. Please be safe.

Jane said...

Gun violence seems to get worse every year. My pastor is actually going to preach on gun control next week. I am pretty sure that I have never heard a minister preach on this topic.