Sunday, April 13, 2008

25 Years

Twenty five years ago this coming August, husband and I were married in Marietta, Georgia, in a church that had been used as a hospital during the Civil War. When my mother asked me earlier this week on what I wanted to do on my visit down south the only thing that I was sure of was to revisit the church and show it to S2.

More pictures will be following but today's photos are two of my favorites. One is of husband and his brothers standing on the front steps of the church. After they went in to the church I stood in front of the building waiting my turn to go in. The day was hot and beautiful. People drove by and honked their horns and waved.

Now 25 years later our youngest son was able to stand on the same steps that mean so much to us.


Jane said...

That is so special. I clearly remember my church steps moments too. Granted, it's only been five years so I better! But, it's such a monumental pause before going in. Neat that you could share it with S2!

east village idiot said...

I love these photos. What a special place. First the wedding photo and then your beautiful son right there 25 years later. Why Georgia? Did you grow up there?

jodi said...

My parents live there and I went to college there for a few years.

Jennifer said...

How sweet, Congratulations on 25 years of marriage. That is amazing.