Monday, May 05, 2008

The Color of Pollen

Yellow dust is EVERYWHERE. Invading my thinking. Affecting my wellbeing. I should have all sorts of cute photos up to entice readers to come back and all that I can think of are Nedi pots
A local newscaster demonstrated one during the breakfast hour the other day while husband and I were enjoying our bagels. The Eew factor was quite high but weirdly fascinating in a shock factor sort of way.
I thought that I would get one on the way home from work today but was sneezing so bad that I came straight home. Has anyone tried this product and what was the success rate?
I should point out that one famous company online is selling used ones. Now that is a high EEW factor.


Anonymous said...

Ask Mom.

Unknown said...

I have a neti pot and I use it all the time. It takes getting used to but my allergies went from light/moderate to just about nada. Just make sure the water is hot but not scalding and that you tilt your head correctly, otherwise its like sniffing up under water.. not a nice feeling.

east village idiot said...

I use one (a new one mind you). I don't have allergies - but people who do swear by them.