Wednesday, May 28, 2008


peed on the boys laundry last night. The laundry basket from their bathroom had disappeared and their laundry was on the floor. As she has done this before it wasn't a shock but unpleasant. So laundry is being done. During which I took S1 to work on my way to take Snoopy to the vet. Snoopy still has some tick born disease which we will be treating but negative for heartworm. Then off to the dr.s office to pick up complete health forms that college named after dead president wants for S2. Then off to high school to fill out graduation photo form that was passed out at rehearsal on Friday and that my son insisted did not exist. Lots of discussion over that one. This afternoon its to the violin maker to have him change the strings and put new tuning screws in. The d string never stays in tune and drives me insane. Most of my practice time (and there has been little of that) is spent either tuning the instrument or playing on a badly tuned instrument or muttering angrily under my breath as I put the instrument away.

Yes, I know the studio reference in an earlier post sounds kind of pretentious but it does sound better than the "crap room" as some members of the family have designated it. I have been crocheting doll blankets for my new class with leftover yarn. Keeps my hands busy during bad tv.

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