Saturday, June 21, 2008

heading to austria

train leaves at 6:30 am.

did you know that turkey beat croatia the other night in soccer (world cup). we did. big big celebrations here in the city afterwards - well actually there was lots of singing and happiness before hand. flags painted on faces. people with flags etc.

last night in the center of munich - marys garden - there was someone playing the grand piano on the cobblestones. a little further away a group of 4 playing violin, cellos and accordian.

speaking of soccer, the other night we spent in fusson. taking a walk in the park after dinner we could here when germany scored in soccer. the entire town cheered from wearever they were watching the game. it made it sound like stadium noise. very cool.

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east village idiot said...

Thank you! I needed someone half way round the world to explain why so many downtown pubs are packed with people watching a soccer game. I didn't realize the world cup was on!