Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tote Making


I love to do crafts and when the boys were little somehow I found time for them,sewing, crafts and painting a 1920's bungalow - some rooms more than once. As the boys grew older however, I put more time into them, volunteering and I found a great part-time job that sometimes carries more hours than it should.

Without as much crafting time I'm finding that my skills have slid down a little bit. I've still made and given good things but I've decided to take a break from swapping for a few cycles at least and get my crafting/sewing act together. Also, it's time to clean out the stash and use what I have and try making some things with it. Decluttering if you will but in a fun way.

I have promised husband since before Christmas that I would make him tote bags for the grocery store as he hates plastic bags. This morning I pulled out the painters canvas that I bought ages ago and started sewing. It's not perfect but it's finished and I know what I will do different next time. First being sitting on a wonderful high stool that my grandfather made me years ago. The chairs are too low and I cannot see properly.

Husband is pleased with the result however and it went straight to his car for his next shopping errand.
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