Thursday, August 28, 2008


And I'm sitting in front of the computer still in my pajamas, on my second cup of coffee (rough night). Yes, I have to leave for work at 8. But it's pouring down rain and I, being the mature person that I am, deep down feels that if I procrastinate long enough . . . . Oh, heck, I'll just have to run around faster and then be upset with myself for not moving sooner.

We need the rain. But I still do better on sunny days, where the morning is full of promise and birds singing. Rainy days are for snuggling with cats. Heinz and I under the covers, the others on top.

On a positive, grownup note, my youngest taught me how to make a smiley face on im with it's tongue sticking out yesterday. It only took me several tries - I think the number 500 was mentioned by S2 which was maybe a slight exaggeration. What was so difficult about typing something that he wrote down for me to copy I don't know. I'll blame it on the glasses.

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