Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sewing Time




This morning I decided to sew an apron (which I will post later - when someone is home to take a photo of me wearing it). Luckily I have cat help. First we had to wrestle the fabric into submission. Then we had to sit next to the machine to make sure that the fabric behaved itself while being sewn. Hard work but we finished and no seam ripper needed today.


Yesterday I took Snoopy to the dog park to make friends. He misses Maxine, our golden, terribly since her death in February. We have neighborhood dogs but they are all behind fences and not to be played with. So I decided that we needed an adventure and to meet new dogs that could play. Snoopy handled being sniffed by 5 dogs very well but then didn't know what to do with himself. Walked over to all of the adults for pets but then stood there with the attitude of "What do I do now?" We stayed for awhile and when he started drooling badly we left. But we will be back this week. It will just take some patience.


S2 called this weekend wanting to know what I'm doing to keep myself busy. It hasn't been as easy as I thought to productively fill free time. I finished some curtains that I need to get hardware to hang. My class is ready to start on Tuesday. I've made an apron and I've made batches of cookies for care packages. But that still leaves a lot of time. The puzzles in the paper are getting worked on. I do spend some of the time like looking like Snoopy - a little lost with a What do I do now? feeling. It will take practice and patience.
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Tins and Treasures said...

I also find that cats are my best helpers when working on a project...your pictures are adorable!

east village idiot said...

Go on a corny adventure with your husband - even if it's just a hike.

jodi said...

We are planning some things (but not hiking :-) That is one of the few things that we do not enjoy together.