Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hounded to Death by Laurien Berenson - Book Review

I love mysteries but throw in a character that goes to dog shows then my interest isn't quite there anymore. So naturally I picked up a copy of Hounded to Death by Laurien Berenson on my last trip to the library. Her books are always on the new book shelf there and I have always passed them by. But this time I was looking for something different and this book, curiously, fit the bill.

Melanie Travis is the owner of Standard Poodles and I'm assuming a dog show person. This book, unlike many mystery series, does not go over the heroine's story in each book so some things I'm guessing here. She is accompanied on her trip to a dog show conference by her Aunt Peg and her cousin Bertie. A personality from the conference is found dead and Melanie and family find who the killer is.

This book is a light read. Nothing heavy about it unless you want to count the number of people introduced at seemingly the same time. The banter between aunt and cousins is wonderful and if you enjoy dogs it's a sweet story.

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