Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Thursday already

and here are some of the things that have been going on.

1. My class this year is adorable!! I have never had a class that can help pick up like this group. Granted not all of them are willing participants but a majority are.
They are also sweet to each other and have become good playmates with the others. Very little attitude which is quite a blessing.

2. Am in the process of cleaning out my closet which is quite a project on it's own. I have stored the boys memory boxes for years, along with other things and am now going to find a new home for those items so that I can enjoy my closet and my things more.

3. The livingroom window became unlatched yesterday afternoon and the top slid down. Memo to self - make sure that it is ALWAYS securely latched. A group of hornets decided to move into the window and finding that it was open flew right into the livingroom. Husband was stung a couple of weeks ago and his arm swelled up. Yesterday I ran around the room with the fly swatter and killed them all but they gave me the creeps.

4. I went to the coffee shop that S1 patronizes yesterday morning as I had some free time before work and after my oil change. I didn't choose the right thing. What do you order at a coffee shop? The woman next to me asked for a medium something with something with a shot of something. It's like a foreign language. I can order a cup of coffee, iced coffee and a mocha. Anything else I'm a little out of my league.

5. Husband and I have been watching lots of TV on these evenings. Late night TV which does not go well with working. And I hate to give up part of my afternoons to catch up on my sleep. And I could see some shows and things online. . .

6. Snoopy and I have made one more trip to the dog park. This one lasted less than 10 minutes. About 20 dogs there and they ALL wanted to great him. He did better - stayed away from people more - but then the drooling started and when someone opened the gate to leave with their dog, Snoopy made a run for it. He is happy to get there though. All excited. So we will be going back.


east village idiot said...

Those kids are so lucky to have a teacher like you to welcome them into the classroom. Did you make strawberry jam this year.

jodi said...

Yes, I did. One batch.