Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Thank You

For those who think that I lead a charmed life, those who saw me traveling to and from DC yesterday on Metro know better. I left the house at 6:45 am to go to the National Book Festival put on by the Library of Congress. Felt great and was ready to get some books signed by some of my favorite people.

About 6 stops into the Metro ride (from the first station in Vienna) I realized that this was not going to be any ordinary ride. I have suffered from Motion Sickness on and off all of my life but this was more than just a rumbling stomach. I made it to the Rosslyn station where after getting off I promptly found a semi private place and was ill. Two very delightful women helped me out and found out where the station people were so that a bathroom could be unlocked for me (security measures you know). I felt better after awhile and got back on metro. Got to the GWU stop and was ill again in that station. By the time I got out of the station I was feeling awful and didn't have any idea on how to get to the National Mall and wanted to come home. Called husband in tears and he talked me into continuing along instead of coming home (the idea of getting back on the train then was terrifying) and he got onto the internet and gave me directions and always answered my calls to help me when I was lost or needed to talk.

I finally made it to the Book Festival (which I will write about later or tomorrow). My stomach settled down and I had a delightful time even in the rain. Got back on the Metro and made it to the Rossyln station where I felt ill again but this time luckily I kept down the little food I had in me. Had the bathroom opened again for me. Then went outside the station for a breath of fresh air.

Met a wonderful pollster who told me where to sit for fresher air and who checked in on me from time to time. After I felt better I got a cab ride to my car from a fantastic cab driver who didn't question the disheveled woman getting into his cab, who drove like a dream - no hard stops and starts and who let me keep the window down - no questions asked. I thanked him profusely and overtipped him but I was incredibly grateful and told him so and why. He just beamed.

I made it home by 8:30 pm - through pouring rain to find that my husband had gone out for my favorite dinner which I will be able to eat today.

Life is good and there are some really nice people out there and I'm married to one of them!!

**I have been suffering from a sinus infection/bad cough and think that may have been what should have been a mild motion sickness worse.


trish said...

I'm totally jealous you got to go to the book festival! I'm glad you stuck with it, though, and I can't wait to hear more about it! I saw your next post about the book festival...I've never heard of that author, but he sounds like a great guy!

east village idiot said...

I am so sorry that you got sick. What a difficult situation - - your husband is tops and I'm not surprised that people would want to be of assistance to you along the way. You are a magnet for nice people.

Jodi Ohl said...

You're brave for sticking it out to get to your destination, the ride couldn't have been fun at all. I can't imagine the feeling you must have had inside of you during all this. I'm glad a few good people came to your rescue and most of all,your DH who knew how to ease your fears and make you feel a bit better once home again.

jodi said...

evi - that is probably one of the nicest things ever said to me and I've thought a lot about in the past few days. Thank you.