Thursday, October 02, 2008

Book Festival Part 2

Alexander McCall Smith stood up for the first hour to greet book fans. Came across very nice. Judith Viorst looked fantastic. Delightful personality and happy to be there. I did not get a good photo of Daniel Schorr. At first it was a little like meeting God - well not really God as I guess that would be sacrilegious - but you get the analogy. Maybe a combination of presence, age and admiration for his work though I may not always agree with what he says. I just love his voice. The last photo is of R L Stine and I just threw that one in. Did not meet him. Just stood in a long line for someone else and a shot of him came available.

I also met Jan Brett (children's author) and George Duran (food network). Alas, no photos. It was pouring rain by then and too difficult to keep things dry and whip out a camera.
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Hunt said...
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east village idiot said...

I love alexander mccall smith!