Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bovine Encounter

At 11:30 Monday night the phone rain. I was wide awake - not being able to fall asleep.

S1 was calling. He had gone to an Astronomy club meeting and parked his car (as usual - he reports) in a cow pasture that has cows in it. Why do they park there? I don't know.

But a cow had walked into his car, hitting a side mirror and left it hanging. What should I do, my son asked. Duct tape it up and we will deal with it at Thanksgiving.

** The above cow is in our front yard much to the dismay of two young men. I think it's rather cute :-).
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Tins and Treasures said...

They park in a cow pasture? Where is their meeting?!!

Jane said...

Those crazy college kids! LOL I bet you were relieved that a mirror is all that it is! I would want to tie an old mirror to your wooden cow as a practical joke for when S1 comes home!