Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Firemen Came

to school yesterday. They taught us about the importance of having our parents check our smoke detectors to make sure that they are working properly, that we should know two ways of getting out of our homes in case of a fire, and we should all know where the family meeting place is outside of our home in case of an emergency. Things to know no matter what age you are.

There was some concern about personal property. Children said that they wanted to take the time to get their toys and stuffed animals out of the house. The firemen explained that mom and dad would buy them new toys and stuffed animals. Children need to get out fast and be safe.

Parents need to explain the toy situation to their children also. I will be sending home a letter on Monday to this effect. When my children were much older than these friends I had to tell them that in case of a fire the pets needed to be left behind also. A hard thing to do to something that you love but I explained to them that they (the boys) counted the most. When we were all safely outside then we could think about the pets and get them if possible.
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Tins and Treasures said...

Yes, I always explained to my own girls that the firemen would get there quicky and that they were trained to go in and get our kitties out.