Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today's Thrifting

The weather outside is absolutely beautiful - a perfect fall day. Not too chilly, not too warm and perfect for a thrifting adventure.

The first stop was at a church that I had never seen before. An Episcopal one out in the country. The graveyard in front and the priest's house that looked like it had been transported from Nantucket.

The second stop was for a sale that an older woman holds each year in her barn. I love it. The smells in the barn are wonderful and today I got to see the previous owner who had her wedding rehearsal dinner in the barn many years ago. Now today she was there with her daughter and granddaughter. Very sweet.

The third stop was followed by a sighting of wild turkeys, a male with a group of hens. No photo because I forgot all about my camera in the excitement of seeing them.

Lots of bounty for 3 stops. A quilt for $20 from the barn along with some fabric that will make a wonderful tablecloth were my prize finds. The pink earrings are clip ons and I will make pins out of those. They came from the church along with the pillow. The pillow was great for 50 cents. I just need to cover it. A cheap pillow form. The red and gold table cloths came from the third stop and may look good in the diningroom. And the pretty pink plate that also came from the barn. Another 50 cent piece because of a nick in it.

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Lisa said...

I love the story of the woman who had her rehearsal dinner in the barn and then was there with her daughter and granddaughter! You got really great things. It's so pretty out where you are. We're having the same perfect weather here today. I harvested some basil and sage!