Monday, October 19, 2009

My day so far

1. Testing for my class

2. Parent volunteer could not make it in for her time.

3. Letter P week. Child announced that pe*is starts with P.

Why yes it does.

4. Child being tested on ABC's in random order is making all sorts of weird noises when I point to each letter. "I like to make up my own names for letters," the child said.

Mentally I'm banging my head against the wall.

5. Husband calls and leaves a message during work.

6. S2 leaves a message during work that ends with a plaintive "You never call me back."

For the record I do call back but it is usually at a wrong time - in class, studying, working etc.

7. I go to the grocery store, get gas and promptly forget to buy what husband has left message for on phone.

8. I get near home and electrician calls - he is at the house - I am two minutes away.

9. Get home, unlock house, talk to electrician.

10. Take dogs out to bathroom. Get them back into the house and give out chew bones.

11. Make wonderful salad. Greens, shredded cheese, dried cranberries, croutons, and the end of the salad dressing.

12. Realization hits that there is a second white van in the driveway. The hot tub is being fixed. Talk to hot tub man. Try to look intelligent as he is speaking to me. Hear sound of dish clanking from kitchen.

13. Come in to find that Snoopy has jumped up to counter, eaten salad and is quite pleased with himself.

It is now 1:39 pm.


Unknown said...

Oh my! I can't wait for letter V day.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...




WHAT a day!

And it was no where over, when you posted. >,-)

Luck! Courage! Lots of good wishes, for the rest of the day.

And Wow, you are getting the Swine Flu shot. I don't think I got one positive Yes, in the replies. Interesting... Not a scientific check but... Interesting.

Aunt Amelia

Ellen said...

Time to have a drink. evi