Wednesday, October 07, 2009

"Your child is not gifted" said

one of S1's teachers in high school. "He gets good grades because he perseveres."

I wasn't sure that I agreed with that assessment but once a student is pegged for a certain spot in school (12th grade and under) it is difficult for them to move up - no matter what they accomplish (at least in our area).

Fast forward.

S1 is to graduate in May with a degree in Physics and a minor in math and astronomy. This semester he is taking 3 languages - German, Japanese and Arabic. He is the TA for Japanese.

He was asked to write a twice a month column for the opinion page of the college newspaper. Column 3 will be turned in today.

Class rankings came out yesterday to be used for grad school applications.

S1 is number 1.


**I have no idea how this will translate into grad school acceptance. Life is fickle sometimes and paths never run the way that you think they will. But I am so happy for him and I love good news!!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I understand the point of your post.

But even more comment, on that HS teacher's appraisal...

What is wrong with perseverance? Don't most people have to persevere, to do well? Sure, some have a particular aptitude in one field but... One field doesn't make a well rounded education, or person. So, those other necessary things... Don't we all have to persevere, in them?

-Bahh humbug- Ding bat HS teacher. Bleahhhhhh

Lisa said...

Congratulations. After a few heartwrenching moments in middle school with BOTH boys, I finally decided to stop listening to "those" people. My kids are thriving and I am so proud of who they are. It's wonderful to see that your son is doing his thing and happy.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

If perseverance is not a gift I don't know what is--sheesh!

The Three Little Bears said...

Congrats! Thats so awesome. :)

The Beneficial Bee said...

Yay S1! That rocks. BTW, my highschool teacher told my parents I was nothing compared to my older sister. Still makes me a bit peeved. Jess

east village idiot said...

I don't need to say a thing. I don't need to write a thing. Your post says it all.

How eager people are to label, peg, pigeon hole.

Sounds like your son - both your sons have real song to sing. And good parents to thank. Bravo!

Tins and Treasures said...

This is just awesome must be sooo proud! Give him a pat on the back for me too.

Janette said...

Yes, I can relate.
My son's sxth grade teacher gave him a C in math because he could not do the times tables quickly.
My son sent her his West Point graduation announcement - in Nuclear Physics!
As a teacher I am really careful about those wild card grades!
BTW - my daughter is "gifted" but has no perseverence.