Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jinger Bells

Time moves fast and it seems that I have feet made of lead. But here is what is going on:

S2 came home from college this afternoon and is asleep.

Husband has been sick all week.

I have been sleeping in S1's bed. Heinz is estatic. He has slept with me every night and has to tell me, with purrs and chirps, how much he loves me - several times during the night.

I am tired.

I really should have made all of my cookies last month when I could do no wrong in the baking department.

Yesterday was pajama day for my class. An excuse for me to go out and get new pajamas. Why don't I buy them more often?

The weather has been crummy, cold or crummy and cold. I have not gone anywhere exciting this month. Plans for a variety of things have been scrapped.

But I have been reading The Russia House by John LeCarre and enjoying every minute of it.

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