Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the way


home from work today I dropped by the grocery store for pretzels, chocolate and sprinkles.

But by the time I got home interest in doing anything but crawling under the covers was waning. It has been pouring here and it is cold. The dogs got soaked, the one cat got wet - only because he is in one of THOSE MOODS where he cannot believe that he is in a household of inferior beings and therefore must go outside to get away from everyone.

I took a nap. And then made the chocolate sprinkled pretzels. I like the salty taste of the pretzel with the chocolate. And they are so easy to make.

Husband surprised me with a dinner out at the only restaurant in our tiny town. A glass of white wine with salmon and a walnut/spinach torte. Fantastic. All courtesy of a surprise gift card from husband's work.

Tonight I've been working on preschool things. The Christmas excitement is lower right now than I expected with this group. I'm sure that will change soon.
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Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ahhhh, you have rain too. Or should I say that as -- Yish, you have rain too. >,-)

I love it, about why the cat got wet. -giggles-

Took nap! Yessssssss! And see how actually productive a nap was? You make the goodies, post-nap-time! Naps continue to rock, IMHO.

Surprise dinner out! Perfect! And that walnut/spinach torte sounds delish!


Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Jodi,
I love salty with my sweet too...I think I'd like your chocolate pretzel treats...maybe I'll add these to my list of things to do!

And dinner out? Nothing better than having someone else prepare dinner and do all the dishes. It sounds delicious.

Happy Weekend ~Natalie