Saturday, February 20, 2010

What I learned from the tow truck driver

Why did I have any time to learn anything personal about the driver you ask?

Because after picking up husband's car on Tuesday morning, (the radiator had cracked) the tow truck driver wanted to follow me to the mechanics as he didn't know the way. At the busy intersection about 2 miles away the tow truck's wheel started to come off - the lugnuts had not been put on or put on properly. (A few people had been fired recently and there had been issues).

So there we stood - waiting for two tow trucks. One for me and one for him.

I learned:

1. That he has 6 well behaved children.
2. He no longer does drugs.
3. That he was possible conceived in a drug induced haze. His mom can't account for 8 hours while smoking pot.
4. That if you inbreed pit bulls that makes them meaner.
5. He wants to move to the country or put a high fence around his property.
6. That if I wanted to run drugs I had better not do it in husband's canoe as "they would get you for sure!"

We waited an hour in the road, directing traffic around our vehicles. He told tales and I listened and we both laughed, a lot. At the end we shook hands and he told me that it had been an enjoyable morning.


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

It takes all sorts to make the world go round. Hope you got home safely.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's priceless. It is amazing what strangers will tell you.