Thursday, March 11, 2010

To the Governor

of my fair state:

When husband and I moved to your state from Florida 16 years ago we were a bit disappointed. You see, politics in the Sunshine State is messy and therefore quite interesting. Many characters are involved. Some of them are in each election - trying to run for a different office each time. We still remember slogans "Down to business with A*** Johnson". (He was one who was looking for a job in politics - any job, so this slogan was always on the tv.)

And then husband and I brought our little family north - well as north as husband would go and still be south (something about not wanting to deal with the cold weather and snow - hahaha- but I digress). People here were civilized. They went to elections that were held in school cafeterias - not churches. Budgets were passed with nary a harsh word. Laws were made with hardly a ripple in the opinion page of the local newspaper. And life went on.

Then you were elected last fall. The nation's republicans called it the beginning of the end for the democrats in the 2010. That your election showed the Obama administration that the American public no longer liked them but wanted the other party in charge. (Not that having an opponent that was dull as dishwater had anything to do with it.)

Actually the fun started before the election - you resigned your post as Attorney General to campaign full time. We thought that was interesting. So when another person resigned her major post it didn't seem like that big a deal.

But now you are elected. We can now go 70 miles an hour on the interstate. (Have you ever ridden 81? The trucks were doing that already!) The closed rest areas will be reopened. (There was talk about using convict labor, as a source of cheap labor, to keep them open. Will the fact that a sheriff will be there with a gun watching over them or the fact that the convicts would be cleaning bathrooms and running around the area unnerve me more?)

And now we just finished the anti gay movement by your attorney general. Life has been exciting and you have only been in office since Jan 16th! We have more than 3 3/4 years left.

So again, thank you and your staff for making state politics interesting again. I will be watching - that is when the covers are not pulled over my head.


Little Blue House.


Ellen said...

a masterpiece!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

How did you dare to post an entry like this ?!? I thought personal views, etc., weren't allowed.

Maybe you are sure that anyone and everyone who reads your blog, will agree. Anyone and everyone local, I mean. Local is what counts, on what you're allowed to post.

Well, you did take my breath away with such a revealing post and I had to tell you so. Hooray for Freedom!!! :-)

But watch out! You might become addicted to it! -giggles-

jodi said...

I don't think that many people read my blog. Also, there were things that I did not like about the last gov. :-)