Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Dear S2,

The above photo is to set you in the mood for work. Ha!

According to the itinerary that is on our fridge you start hiking up Mt. K tomorrow. Mrs. B says that we read about a man and his father who hiked up Mt. K in the book Three Cups of Tea for bookclub. I guess that means that if an old man can do it you can. Ha!! I knew that you would appreciate the analogy.

Tomorrow your grandparents from R, your uncle, girl cousin, oldest boy cousin and your grandma's sister (the loud, fun one) are coming for lunch. I've heard that steak is on the menu. Along with chicken and some other meat. Your grandma is making deviled eggs. Aunt J is making a blueberry pie?. I'm making chocolate pie. Was going to make Lemon Meringue but as it is your favorite that pie will wait until you are back home. I'm making potato salad also. Mine is never good so I cringe at the thought of making and eating it.

I went berry picking today. Took 45 minutes to pick a quart at the first place. Sigh. The owners finally admitted that they didn't have many berries when I checked out. Irritating as parents with whiny children were there slogging through standing water (rained heavy last night) to pick. So I went and bought plants and then went to the other strawberry place in C, near where you used to play baseball. Better strawberry fields but still only got 1/2 flat and they were same price as the grocery store - just prettier and sweeter.

Your brother sold the big sewing table that was in the back room. Yipee. I feel like a new person in there with more room.

The school year has ended for me though not without drama. One of the teachers, who felt the need to leave this year ran from the school in tears, at the end of the last day. Many of the rest of us in tears also. Just two weeks of summer camp left.

Well, one hour until naptime. Must be productive :-).

Love, Mom

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