Friday, June 04, 2010

June, 4

Dear Son,

You should be in the air and on your way back to the States by now. Actually on your way to Amsterdam.

Yesterday afternoon we had a doozy of a rainstorm. Our house never lost power but it is still out in parts of the city. (We were without air today at work and parts of the school did not have lights). The photos were taken at work this morning. Two of the three parking lots were closed as limbs were gathered and trees cut up. This tree fell right next to the church on top of the maintenance man's car. Did very little damage to the jeep. The branches went around the vehicle except for the very back side. That the guy went out to roll up his windows just before it happened and missed being crushed by the tree was amazing.

Your brother is out of town but will be back for your arrival. He called last night to tell me that as he has seen photos that have been posted by others of Africa that he wanted me to know that you have not been eaten by lions! Ha!

We are awaiting your arrival.

Love, Mom

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