Monday, July 12, 2010

Evi (who is east village idiot on my side bar) asked the

question, How to deal with poison ivy. Obviously I don't do it right. But I do wear gloves when gardening. And try to avoid touching any body parts. That also means the piece of hair that falls across my face and is begging for an absent minded push. DON"T DO IT, screams my inner voice. And luckily, so far, I have not.


I have a ton of tick bites on me. And they (the ticks that I have seen) are the size of a pin prick. So. . . , unless I look through my bifocals just the right way, I cannot see them. They really creep me out.

1. have washed most everything inside the house.
2. vacumed my bed mattress just in case.
3. combed Sport.
4. dried clothes in the dryer instead of using the clothes line.

I want to dry and drown these little crappy things.

Tomorrow all dogs get baths. Right now I will try to get some sleep. Have taken the benedryl which is not really working tonight.


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh dear, I can feel your anxiety. I found a tick in my hair during the last week of school. At that time, I had not really spent any time outside...just to and from the house, car, school, etc...
But I felt creepy all day...

Good Luck! ~Natalie

east village idiot said...

Up where I live you have to really worry about Lyme's disease. That's the one negative about having a house in CT. My son has a fever tonight and aches all over. I am probably going to get him tested tomorrow.

meanwhile I found two ticks on me and wanted to freak out.