Thursday, July 22, 2010

A no photo day

I went for gas this morning. My oldest went to have a TB test looked at and then we met at the clinic for the long ride to Portsmouth, VA. It was time to take S1's car to the company that will ship it to Hawaii.

When we met up at the clinic S1 looks at me very seriously and says
"Do you need to use the bathroom or anything else? Now would be a good time."
I just looked at him and laughed. It still has me in stitches.

We made it in 3 hours. Good grief was it hot. The car was looked over, processed and will soon be on its way across country and then put on the boat in San Diego. And it looks like it may be there on the day that S1 arrives. The processor seemed quite confident...

And then we came home. Stopped at Wendy's. Has anyone had one of their strawberry milkshakes? Quite good and a treat for the driver of a hot, stuffy car (me :-).

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