Monday, August 02, 2010

So, we are back in the land of mice.

But this year you can add bear to it(haven't seen one yet, but the dumpster for the place is locked with chains now:-). And there was whatever tipped over our empty trash can last night. Bella never barked so your guess is as good as mine.

We have never stayed in this particular cabin before and have been really enjoying the room. We could certainly handle a smaller one, but it is nice for the 3 of us and Bella to have some elbow room.

Husband has pulled a muscle in his back (getting out of one of the rundown chairs here yesterday. Should be more up and around tomorrow. At least he can now get up by himself. S2 injured his foot. I'm the only one who is healthy.

On the plus side we have had wonderful dinners here. I went canoeing by myself this morning. Bella loves everyone (and so far everyone loves her - well almost - the pit bull mix a few cabins up is a tough one to crack and as he didn't like her last year either I don't hold out hope for this week.) The annual visit to the local thrift shop has been made.

All of the families are here - minus a few adult children. Which will become more of the norm here. S2 and one of the friends will be going to college together in the fall (her first year, his third) so lots of talking about college and poring over her class schedule. For 5 families that only see each other once a year for a week or so our children have become quite close.

These are the photos of the interior of this years cabin. This afternoon I laid on the sofa and while petting Bella and absentmindedly throwing a ball for her, I redecorated the place in my head :-).




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east village idiot said...

I love these photos of your cabin and reading about the ritual return that you make to New England each year.

east village idiot said...

I love reading about your return each summer to New England. How cool that you have this community of friends and children who have grown up together. How did you ever learn of this place?

hope the blueberries were sweet. the cabin looks way cool.

jodi said...

I learned about the place through a book in the library when we lived in Florida. It has been a good place for us.