Monday, August 23, 2010


The rice kind of worked with the cell phone. I can call out but cannot text or receive calls. S2 has given me his old phone and I'm having husband go to the phone place and transfer the number.

The flooring is all in the 3rd bedroom/guest room as of this morning. And it looks beautiful.

S1 has found a roommate and an apartment. Thanks to google earth I know what kind of a neighborhood it is in. Am wondering if the apartments next door have been fixed up since the google people drove by and if those cars are still in the tall surrounding grass.

S2 is in his apartment and seems to be happier than he/we thought he might be. The new roommates are nice and he has settled in nicely.

I have a pile of stuff that goes back to school on Thursday - meeting day. My plans for the first 2 months are finished and the field trip to the orchard has been scheduled.

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