Thursday, September 16, 2010

I don't like stinkbugs or snakes

in the house.

Yesterday was a major invasion of stinkbugs. MAJOR. (I cannot make the word MAJOR big enough.) Mostly in the master bedroom and some in the laundry area. But the bedroom... .

Stinkbugs seem to scuttle like roaches. And there were so many. I picked up a wooden tray and they were clustered under that. I cleaned the curtains. Husband came home and cleaned the blinds and curtains again. Then he cleaned the laundry area. Between the two of us maybe over 300 are now gone but the number could have been larger. It was hard to count while the vacuum was sucking them up and I was . . . well screaming as they flew at me.

About 20 minutes ago I heard a thunk. And then another. Looked at the steps and Heinz (our indoor cat) had caught a snake. That means that somehow a snake got into our house. I believe that it is a black snake. But I yelled as the snake coiled. Heinz, with eyes dark, only wanted to move a step or two up. I threw a drum stick at it to get it to uncoil and then grabbed it with a set of tongs. Luckily got it outside before it came out of the tongs and fell into the grass and went into the shrubs next to the house.

I wonder what will appear tomorrow.


Annie said...

You were very brave the way you dealt with the snake. Living in the UK they are not something we have to contend with but I am afraid I really don't like them.
Ann x

east village idiot said...

JESUS CHRIST!!! Are you kidding me that all this stuff happened? What the heck is going on at your house. I would have a nervous breakdown by now.
I hope and pray that you are bug and snake free.