Saturday, September 18, 2010

An unintended physics lesson

happened last night at S2's university. Luckily no one died.

50 plus students were at a party in a 3rd floor apartment. They decided to jump up and down to music. The floor collapsed onto the 2nd floor. The momentum caused both floors to collapse to the first.

S2 was an EMT in the first ambulance there and says that he had never seen so many emergency vehicles in one place. 2 people had to be lifeflighted to the hospital in our fair city.

Many students left the scene without being treated only to show up at the emergency room later. Some reports put the total number at 50 while others say as many as 150.


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh, my, Jodi,
This is very alarming. High School and College students are probably doing this all over the country side. It must have been very scarey. What level was your son on?

I hope he is OK. ~Natalie

jodi said...

After reading your comment I realized that I had to reword the post. S2 was an EMT in the first ambulance that arrived there.

Tins and Treasures said...

Hi, again,
I am so glad I stopped back, as I have been worried about your son. I glad he was not hurt, however, it was still a bad, bad deal for all those involved.

Take care ~Natalie