Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday night

was a meet and greet at a neighbor's house. We have a little more than a handful of houses on our street, so when a house turns over and a new family moves in it is quite a big deal.

The neighbors had the perfect set up in their front yard. Tables with lit candles on them graced the front of the house. Hanging lanterns lit the side bricked gardens.

It was a cold evening when the sun went down but we had homemade hot soup and hot grilled items to feast on along with dishes to pass that everyone else brought. We now have 6 children on the street, 5 of which played chase and rode bikes (which drove my dogs crazy).

Only one strained moment and that was when Guy from Next Street Over wanted to talk politics with Small Business Man. (We have a tight race in our for H of R going on.) I had to leave our tiny table for awhile. Too stressful to listen to.

But then there was the funny statement from the husband and wife of the new family. A question actually - asked in a hushed tones (usually reserved for things like "do you have rats, is the one neighbor a little odd,") etc - "Do you have stinkbugs?" We just laughed and said "Do we!!!!"

After a cup of coffee to warm ourselves up after dinner, we said goodbye to the neighbors and walked home under the stars to our barking dogs.

The new family fits right in.


Jane said...

Sounds like a great evening. Good neighbors are truly a blessing.

east village idiot said...

what a wonderful evening. you have a nice block. what is a stink bug???