Sunday, November 07, 2010

By this past June

the stress level in my life (actually one specific part) was so high that when I went in for an annual physical I had a frank discussion with my doctor about it. I wasn't ready to give up that part of my life but I wasn't sure how I could deal with it without driving myself crazy with worry.

She advised that I needed some balance to counteract the negative. Which I knew but could not figure out how to achieve.

Then came a conversation with my violin teacher - a new string group was forming - would I like to join. Yes.

In August a notice was put in the church bulletin for a singing group that met once a month and sung in nursing homes. Yes.

Two weeks ago the string group disbanded until after Christmas but I was asked to join another one that meets every other week. Yes.

I joined an online bookclub in addition to the local one. Yes.

I put myself down for Art Every Day. (That has been a struggle finding the time - though I'm working on that) Yes.

Stress is still there but it is less. Circumstances have changed somewhat. Also there are so many more positives to look forward to.

Life is good.

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Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Jodi,
I have been thinking about you, hoping that things are getting better for you there. I really appreciate your friendship here in the blog world.

Take care ~Natalie