Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This day before Thanksgiving

I have one son in Hawaii and one son upstairs asleep. It has been a rough couple of days as an EMT for the second son. He performed CPR on a 26 year old man who succumbed to whatever illness he had. "CPR is hard Mom."

I don't say much - just listen. I am grateful for the friends that my son has made with the other EMT's. They talk about what they have seen with each other; sometimes jokes are said just between them. Illness and death are a hard business to be in. They keep each other grounded.



I'm thankful for ALL EMT's this Thanksgiving. We've had to use them more than I'd like for R's health issues. They are God-sent! So give son a hug for me and say thanks.

Have a blessed holiday.

east village idiot said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm sure that S1 in Hawaii misses all of you so much.

jodi said...

Barb, I have to use EMT's once and it felt like the calvary had come in to save the day. Have a great Thanksgiving.

EVI, Happy Thanksgiving. S1 has had one dinner and will have another today. But sent us a note to ask for a phone call (like we would forget :-).