Friday, November 05, 2010

What first caught my eye was

that the mother of the little girl was putting a scarf around her daughter's neck. Inside a big box store.

The weather here is seasonable. The mornings may be cold but by 2 in the afternoon it is time for a sweater or just long sleeves.

I continued to watch. My photos were printing and I had time to kill.

After the scarf the mother pulled out a winter hat and started to put it on the child's head. Then the dad took over.

What made me feel uneasy was the way that the child never moved as her father was talking to her. Children are wiggly when you put their coats and hats on. This child never moved - with either mom or dad. Kids are chatty, especially girls. This one didn't speak. Like she was used to being still.

And then there were the looks that the mother gave dad while the episode slowly unfolded. She seemed to need to see what his reaction would be before she could make the next move.

I'm still feeling unsettled.

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