Monday, January 17, 2011

Hawaii Day 1

We went to a bakery down the street for breakfast. Had donuts with a macadamia filling. Very good. We walked around the Manoa and went to a beautiful Chinese graveyard. Then we drove around the island. I'm exhausted. Walked a lot and took lots of pictures of which I will be posting many.
What I learned today:

1. Do not drive to North Shore on a Sunday/holiday weekend. Traffic was bumper to bumper.
2. Access to beaches here is amazing. Parking is free for a lot of them. Grab a picnic lunch (we did from Ted's bakery), find a beach and enjoy.
3. So many flowers here.
4. The mountains are beautiful.
5. Lots of different birds.
6. Many people picnic in the back of pickup trucks.
7. I am sleeping on my son's futon mattress on his floor. It is VERY comfortable.

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