Saturday, February 05, 2011

Animals - theme of the week

or at least it seemed to be.

The dogs got out of the electric fence. Ran to the neighbors woodpile. Neighbor sent his 3rd grade boy over to let us know. Husband called dogs home and they came home when called. Meanwhile new neighbor left his front door open when sanding to let the dust out. His puppy (about 6 months to a year old and luckily over 20 lbs) got outside and followed Little 3rd Grader to our house. Snoopy got upset to see another dog on his turf and got the puppy by the neck and shook him.

(Luckily the puppy was heavy and Snoopy is generally very gentle with his teeth. So no teeth marks and puppy seems to be fine. New Family elected not to take him to the vet at our expense though I offered to pay.) Puppy ran under the car while husband called the dogs into the house. The puppy eventually came up from under the car and let me wrap him in a towel. The 3rd grader was in shock as he has been a frequent playmate with Snoopy. After what seemed like eternity the two dads came and after apologies from everyone the dads took their charges home.

The dog trainer came on Tuesday. I will tell you what she said in the next post. It is all good.

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Tins and Treasures said...

Hi, Jodi,
Interesting week, to say the least! I hope all the puppies can learn to get along!

Happy Weekend ~Natalie