Thursday, February 24, 2011


When said like that by one of my sons it never comes attached to any good news.

And sure enough. "My car has been stolen." S1 had last seen his car Sunday night when he went out to the grocery store. Today he went to go somewhere and it was gone. I could tell that he was in shock and his mind did not comprehend what he was seeing. We discussed what he needed to do and he was off to his next class.

Tonight he called again as I was heading out the door to a string ensemble practice. The car has been found. It was in an accident on Tuesday and the man who stole it ran away from the scene. S1 is trying to get to the wrecker's lot to see the extent of the damage.


Jane said...

Rats! That's no fun. :( Hope his week turns around!

Constance E. Wilson said...

Poor Michael. I hpe the damage can be fixed and I certainly hope they catch the guy.

Constance E. Wilson said...

I meant to say "Poor Brian"...I always get the two mixed up for some reason. Have you heard any more?